Primary Breakdown

Sharp Chain Log Optimizer

A log is scanned by a 3D scanner. The optimizer computer calculates a cutting solution to maximize the value of the products that can be produced downstream. The iterative process involves generating dollar-driven cutting solution scenarios of which the highest dollar-value scenario is chosen.

Sharp Chain Optimizer

  1. Obtain 3D scanning data from scan heads.
  2. Combine all cross-section data sets over the full length of the log to build a full 3D log model.
  3. Optimized Rotation: to orient the log horns down.
  4. Optimization: iterative process to find the optimal solution which is to maximize the most valuable products.
  5. Offset and skew log for impaling on the sharp chain.
  6. Verification scan after log impaled on the sharp chain.

Optimizing System Features

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Optimized log autorotation:

  • Optimized log offset and skew
  • Final verification scan after the log is impaled on the sharp chain
  • Scan system supported configurations: lineal scanning single or multiple scan zones or snapshot scanning systems available


  • All NBE optimizer have tools for saving scan data, replaying saved files and assessing optimization decisions.
  • The optimizer screen dashboard contains production statistics and current solution statistics.
  • The supervisor computer enables the user to review past piece solutions.

Visually shows the user the piece that was scanned and the solution that has been computed. The table included with solutions for each scanned piece, allowing the operator to review current and recent solutions.

We save the recent scanned pieces in the history for your review to be able to evaluate your system performance.

The Optimizer software runs on a standard Desktop PC on a Standard Windows Operating System and is fully customized to each sawmill application:

    • Each system features 2 identical computers: an Optimization Computer, and a Supervisor Computer.
    • Optimizer Computer is devoted full time to dollar-driven, real-time optimization.
    • Supervisor Computer provides Windows-based simulations and solution parameter editing.
    • Supervisor Computer serves as a “built-in” spare to the Optimizer Computer.
    • The Supervisor Computer is not required for production.

How Sharp Chain Log Optimizer helped others

Cecil Company installed the Sharp Chain Log Optimizer for us. It was very easy to work with Robert, and we received a lot of good support. I’m pleased with the system we have.

Avery Littrell | Owner of Littrell Lumber Mill

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