Primary Breakdown

Lineal Log Processing Optimizer

A log is scanned by a 3D scanner. The optimizer computer calculates a cutting solution to maximize the value of the products that can be produced downstream. The iterative process involves generating dollar-driven cutting solution scenarios of which the highest dollar-value scenario is chosen.

The optimizer supports the log processing centers from simple 4-head chip-n-saw machines up through complete log processing machines with saws for sideboards, sideboard profiling heads, and vertical arbor combination shifting edgers.


These machines use scanners installed in a lineal scan orientation to capture the 3D geometric data of the log traveling lengthwise. The optimizer uses the scan data to create a 3D log model, which is used to compute the optimized cutting solution. The optimizer is customized to account for each sawmill’s product mix and mill configuration.

Optimizing System Features

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Scan and optimize log rotation

    • Scan and optimize the final log solution for optimized log placement on the shifting in-feed
    • Optimized solution is used to set all of the cutting devices including chip heads, saws, and profiler heads
    • Optimized solution is tracked and set in the shifting vertical arbor edger


The optimizer screen dashboard contains production statistics and current solution statistics.


The supervisor computer enables the user to review past piece solutions.

Visually shows the user the piece that was scanned and the solution that has been computed. The table included with solutions for each scanned piece, allowing the operator to review current and recent solutions.

We save the recent scanned pieces in the history for your review to be able to evaluate your system performance.

The Optimizer software runs on a standard Desktop PC on a Standard Windows Operating System and is fully customized to each sawmill application:

    • Each system features 2 identical computers: an Optimization Computer, and a Supervisor Computer.
    • Optimizer Computer is devoted full time to dollar-driven, real-time optimization.
    • Supervisor Computer provides Windows-based simulations and solution parameter editing.
    • Supervisor Computer serves as a “built-in” spare to the Optimizer Computer.
    • The Supervisor Computer is not required for production.

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