About Cecil Company

Our Story

Robert Cecil may have founded Cecil Company in 2000, but his expertise and love for the sawmill industry started long before. In high school, Robert got a gig wiring up control panels with the help of his dad, who was already in the industry selling hydraulics. From the get-go he knew – this work was for him. Gaining lots of experience from the ground up, Robert continued on this path throughout college where he got his degree in Mechanical and Software Enignnering, and later moved on to work with Lewis Controls where he mastered the basic principles of putting circuits together. His accumulated skill, knowledge and competence in the industry has allowed him to successfully build Cecil Company into what it is today – a system integrator that truly knows how to tailor solutions to your specific needs.
Cecil Company prides itself in having a strong background in the sawmill industry and a genuine care for its customers. We know our stuff – period. With a proven reputation of high quality, reliable work, we work closely with other experts in the field such as Nelson Brothers Engineering and JoeScan to deliver outstanding customer service and results.
Robert Cecil
Owner & Founder

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Meet the experts

Partnering with proven experts in our field, we work together to create a tailor-made solution that is exceptional in quality and productivity.

Nelson Brothers Engineering

Scanning, Optimization and Controls

JoeScan Scanners

3D laser scanners for the sawmill industry

Cam Automation

Dan Sachau

Allen Bradley PLC & Delta Motion Controllers

Pacific Industrial Controls

Jeff Ralph

Allen Bradley PLC & Delta Motion Controllers

Online Controls

Robin Mathews

Allen Bradley PLC & Delta Motion Controllers

Why Cecil Company

Integrity, quality and simplicity are what we bring to the table, ensuring continued growth and profitability for our customers.

Dollar & Grade-Driven Optimization

Instead of basing our optimization solutions on volume alone, we take into consideration current market demand, market price, and grade to get our customers optimal profitability. We train our customers on how to setup and maintain their system to follow market trends and industry changes.

Free 2-Year Phone Support

From initial implementation to maintenance, we help our customers execute and sustain their systems with dedicated support services that assist with basic troubleshooting and support, with no service contracts required.

No Contract Approach

Unlike other system integrators, we do not require our customers to sign service contracts. Partnering with us comes with no strings attached.

Personalized Service

Customizing systems that are uniquely tailored to our individual customer’s needs and priorities is our specialty. Through collaboration with our expert venders, we make sure our customers receive a turnkey solution that is exceptional in quality and simple to use.

Our expertise ensures your success.